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The Xth International Fungal Biology Conference will be held jointly with the VIII National Congress of the Cellular and Molecular Biology of Fungi branch of the Mexican Society of Biochemistry.

The International Fungal Biology Conferences are a prestigious series of conferences held at 3-4 year intervals at different locations around the world. There is no scientific society behind these meetings; they were put together through the efforts of dedicated colleagues around the world backed up by their local governments and institutions. On this occasion, the organizers are members of the Department of Microbiology at the Center for Research and Higher Education in Ensenada (CICESE). The main source of funding for this X International Conference was provided by the Federal Government of Mexico through the National Council of Science andTechnology (CONACYT).

The theme of the joint meeting is "Frontiers in Fungal Biology". Invited Speakers have been asked to choose topics that dwell or explore issues from the cutting edge or outer limits in each field. Graduate students, postdocs and young researchers are welcome and encouraged to submit presentations for the poster sessions. We plan to provide optimum conditions and opportunities (lightning, space, scheduling) for the these sessions. Some of the submitted presentations will be selected for inclusion in the symposia.

The recommended language for talks and posters will be English.

1966 Bristol, England
1974 Provo, Utah, USA
1980 Gwatt, Switzerland
1987 Stirling, Scotland
1991 Helen, Georgia, USA
1996 Konstanz, Germany
1999 Groningen, Netherlands
2002 Guanajuato, Mexico
2006 Nancy, France

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Prehispanic Images are details of the Mendoza Codex and The pagan god of the underworld speaks through the mushroom, teononocatl, as represented by a Mexican artist in the 16th century. From the Magliabecchiano Codex”. Images of the left side, Sclerotium rolfsii microtubules immunostained by Rosa Mouriño-Pérez. N. crassa chitin synthase label with fluorescent proteins by Meritxell Riquelme. N. crassa bd circadian rhythm by Ernestina Castro-Longoria.